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Carol offers psychotherapy or counselling to individual adults and young people of 16 years and over.


All appointments are for 50 minutes duration and on a once, twice or three times weekly basis, depending on the individual need and the expectations of the therapy.  An agreement on the commitment of time is made at the beginning and can be reviewed if necessary as times goes on.


When the therapy has been open ended the ending will be discussed and agreed ahead so that there is time to reflect on the affects of the psychotherapeutic work and to pay attention to all the feelings that can emerge as the therapy draws to a close.


Another word to describe analytical psychotherapy is psychodynamic, which means that value is placed on the therapeutic relationship that emerges between therapist and client.


This facilitates awareness and understanding of the core issues for the client in therapy, which can in time be recognised and addressed.


Carol draws on theories that have been developing in the fields of analysis, analytical psychology and depth psychotherapy from the early 20th century to the present day. Her psychotherapy training is described as Jungian.


Carl Jung was an eminent doctor and psychiatrist from the last century. Originally a follower of Sigmund Freud, he continued to work on his own psychological theories and insight until late in his life.


In her training, Carol also studied other theorists and continues to read and appreciate modern analytical psychologists and therapists. This means that she subscribes to the Jungian ethos while appreciating the contemporary developments in psychology and psychotherapy.

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